About us

Prof-Sport Company is a football agency founded in 2005. Today it represents more than 100 Russian football players of the age of 16-33 and cooperates with more than 30 clubs of Russian Premier League and First and Second Divisions. We are: 2 licensed football agents, 2 selection specialists, 4 regional scouts working in various regions of our country, and lawyers.
We are not the only football agency in Russia, there exist 2-3 agencies which are larger by their structure and amount of their clients. There are also agents working with football stars and those who work, for instance, with many clubs of the Premier League. There are small companies working with 5-15 players, there are agents who prefer to work alone. Some of them are real professionals, others unfortunately may discredit our profession.
What are our specific features and advantages? It is obvious that in order to achieve something in any sphere of business (including football which is also business as a matter of fact) one needs two main qualities: will and skill. Prof-Sport Company sets a goal to become one of the leading football agencies in this country and confirms its wish with the level of education, skill, professional experience of its employees.
We are hungry for success. During 5 years of our work we never felt ashamed of our work for our clients. The company has become famous in the football market. Due to the amount of its clients and the geography of its business Prof-Sport Company has become one of the three leading football agencies in our country. We are growing together with our clients and do our best to help the development of our clubs!
Our activities include:

For football players:

  • Search for good employment offers
  • Consulting in contract concluding process
  • Search for sponsors and advertisers for personal contracts (providing that there exist at least minimal interest towards the person of a sportsman)
  • Creation and promotion of positive image of a sportsman in mass media
  • Legal and financial consulting: consulting in all legal matters not related to a sportsman football career, assistance in management of free cash with the help of various financial instruments, enterprise foundation, deals with real estate, vehicles, etc.

For football clubs:

  • Targeted selection
  • Assistance in concluding transfer contracts and personal labour contracts with players.

Heads of the Agency:

Oleg V. Malezhik

Prof-Sport Company General Director Official RFU Agent
Born 20.01.1976, Moscow State Law Academy; Plekhanov Russian Economics Academy Doctor of Law. 

Alexander V. Maniakov

Prof-Sport Company Partner Official RFU Agent
Born 29.01.1976, Moscow State Law Academy; Moscow District Institute Of Physical Training.

Marijana Kascelan

General manager of Balkan branch (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece)

phone number: +381655091606, e-mail: